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Complete Makeovers – E.R.D. Restorations

Let Exotic Reef Design’s team take your existing aquarium and bring it back to life. The 55 gallon tank displayed in these photo was deep cleaned from top to bottom. We removed the live rock and scrubbed all of the algae off. It was then rinsed with saltwater and the replaced into the aquarium. All of the equipment was inspected and cleaned prior to placing it back into the cabinet and tank.

As you can see, it was a night and day difference and the client was very happy with his old tank. Whether its fresh water or saltwater, your pets are in good hands with Exotic Reef Designs. Inhabitants: Fox Face, 2 Percula Clownfish and Magenta Goby and a Scooter Blenny.

Second Aquarium: To reduce the algae problem with this aquarium, we removed it from its window location to reduce the sunlight that is causing the excessive growth.  The 65 gallon freshwater aquarium and equipment was cleaned and scrubbed. All of the existing equipment and décor was reused. The water was treated with various Tropic Marin products for the new fish purchased by this client.